St Sampson's meetings

In what direction do we believe God is taking our Church?

God has been speaking to many of us in prayer, through visions, through dreams and the Bible. The more we hear, the more we begin to understand what he wants us to do and which direction he wants to take us. And now is the
time to present to the members of the church what Phil and the PCC believe to be the way forward for our church.
Phil will be doing a 15 minute presentation on several dates/times which will be followed by questions. Please do come along to any of these to hear the exciting news of what we believe God is doing, and how you can get involved if you choose to. This will include the vision that was presented at the Annual meeting, the way forward for updating our building, how we will serve our community, and how we will grow our church.
Therefore please come along to any of the following—all in the church building.
Sun 24th Sept, 8pm
Mon 25th Sept,10am
Mon 25th Sept, 2pm
Tues 26th Sept, 8pm
Sat 7th Oct, 6pm
Sun 8th Oct, 8pm
Tues 10th Oct, 8pm
Mon 16th Oct, 10am
Wed 18th Oct, 11am