Group Council

Download the minutes from the Upper Thames Group Council meetings here (PDF format)...

Notes 19 October 2016

Notes 21 July 2016 

Notes 15 October 2015 (17KB) and Church Snapshots October 2015 (28KB)

Notes 9 July 2015 (15KB)

Notes 7 May 2015 (30KB) and Church Snapshots May 2015 (33KB)

Notes 19 February 2015 (360KB) and Church Snapshots Feb 2015 (198KB)

Purpose of the Group Council

The Upper Thames Group (UTG) Council was set up during the vacancy to achieve the following:

  1. Unify the four parishes that comprise the UTG
  2. Make recommendations to the individual PCCs on issues that affect all four parishes and can be discussed and agreed by the parishes i.e. policies, patterns of worship etc.
  3. Share issues affecting one parish with the other parishes i.e. Latton village hall, Leigh quinnquintenniel report, to make the other parishes aware of what individual parishes are facing or doing.
  4. Bring together the different traditions of worship in the four parishes so that there is something to suit everyone.
  5. Reduce duplication by the ministry team so that the ministers don't have to attend four PCCs meetings to repeat the same conversations and by using the representatives to report the council discussions rather than the ministry team.
  6. It is not a decision-making body and can only make recommendations to be agreed by the individual PCCs.

The members of the Group Council are:

Phil Bradley, Priest in Charge
Stuart Dagnall, St John's
Shirley Danby, Associate Minister
Adina Grace, St Sampson's
Kathryn Gray, Holy Cross
Matt Smith, St Sampson's
Linda Tuck, Holy Cross
Ian Wharton, All Saints'