PCC minutes (St S)

Download the minutes from the most recent St Sampson's PCC minutes here.

Download PCC minutes for 5 July 2017 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 17 May 2017 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 6 March 2017 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 23 January 2017 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 28 November 2016 (PDF)

Downlod PCC minutes for 19 September 2016 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 21 September 2015 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 20 July 2015 (PDF)

Download PCC minutes for 19 March 2015 (PDF)

APCM (all PDF documents)

Treasurer's report
Financial position 2014-2015
Vicar's vision for Cricklade and Latton

22 Jan 2015 meeting (all PDF documents)
Chair's report
Choir report
Jenner Hall report

Current members of St Sampson's PCC

Revd Phil Bradley (Chair, Clergy, ex officio)

Jo Valpy (Secretary, elected laity)

Ruth Evans (Church Warden, Deanery Synod, ex officio)

Katy Bell (Deanery Synod, ex officio)

Adina Grace (Treasurer, Deanery Synod, ex officio)

Matt Smith (elected laity)

Amlyn Ramage (elected laity)

Anthony Bradbury (elected laity)

Reanne Masters (elected laity)

Graham Otter (elected laity)

Leigh Dodd (elected laity)

Shirley Danby (clergy, ex officio)

Minutes from past meetings

Download 17 Nov 2014 (PDF)

Download 22 Sept 2014 (PDF)

Download minutes 21 July 2014 (PDF)

Download minutes 27 April 2014 (PDF)

Download minutes 24 March 2014 (PDF)

Download minutes 2 December 2013 (PDF)

Download minutes 8 October 2013 (PDF)