Anyone who lives in or has a connection with the Upper Thames Benefice is automatically eligible to marry in one of our churches - St Sampson's Cricklade, Holy Cross Ashton Keynes, St John the Baptist Latton or All Saints Leigh.

There are many ways of qualifying for eligibility. Please read Are we eligible to get married in one of the Upper Thames Group churches?. If you don't have a connection you can even create one by attending a limited number of services within the Upper Thames benefice.

To apply to be married at one of our churches, please complete both wedding application forms and our administrator will contact you:

Wedding application form 1 - the Groom
Wedding application form 2 - the Bride

Our Marriage Prep team will be in touch with you in the run up to your wedding. Due to Covid-19 we are currently unable to hold face to face meetings. We hope to be able to start having these again in 2022.

For more information, fees, advice and suggestions on all aspects of planning your church wedding, please see the following:

Wedding pack (PDF 190KB)

Help with planning your service (PDF 209KB)

Marriage preparation course info (PDF 139KB)

Wedding Fees 2021

There is also an excellent Church of England website:

The Church of England | Weddings (

Marriage Blessing & Renewal of Vows

If you would like to organise a marriage blessing or renewal of vows we would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact our administrator:

Work to the roof of St Sampson's

The tiles of the main nave roof are being replaced between April and June 2021. Other, smaller sections of the roof are due to be replaced during 2022; this will not interfere with weddings and other services, however. 

Wedding application form - The Bride
Use these forms to apply to get married in one of our churches

Wedding application form - The Groom
Please use this form to book your wedding